Yosemite Vacation Rentals

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General Info, Rates & FAQ

The following information applies to all of our vacation homes

Policies, Rates and Reservations


** From $195 to $285 per night, seasonally **

Please refer to each home's individual page for current nightly rates


** 11% combined county tax/tourism assessment **


Cleaning fees are based on the number of guests, please see each home's individual page for fee schedule


** A $250 security deposit by credit card is required at time of reservation **

Deposit is fully-refundable within seven days of departure

(rental agreement terms must be met)

Reservations can be booked by using any of the following credit cards:


For more information or to inquire about reservations please email, or give us a call:

Kirsty and Jerry Lebovitz

(209) 966-4945 or (209) 617-0444


We respect both your time, and interest
ALL calls and emails are returned promptly within 1-12 hours

Emails do occasionally fail to go through. If you do not hear back from us within twelve hours please try again (or call us) as absolutely every email is replied to if it is received.


** Between TWO and FIVE night minimum stays are required **

Minimum number of nights required varies, and will depend upon numerous factors including season, availability and demand


(Note: we do not rent our homes for just one night)


We do sometimes allow well-behaved pets to accompany their responsible owners

Limits and restrictions will apply

Pets are $20/night, maximum of $100


Convenient, up-to-date availability calendars are located on each home's individual page

Prices and Terms are subject to change without notice, please call or email to confirm



~ Frequently asked questions and helpful replies ~

First, specific Information pertinent to each individual home

Where is the house located in relation to Yosemite?

Please see "Location" sections

How private are SierraScape and Vineyard View?

Both are very private but SierraScape is by far the most secluded. (see descriptions)

How far is the house from…?

Please see "Location" sections

How far in advance should we book our reservation?

It depends on how flexible you’re able to be. If you have specific dates, and/or want to stay in a particular home then by all means, book early (several months in advance during all seasons other than summer which begins to fill more than a year in advance). Another thing to consider is we offer great off-season, and last-minute discounts so spontaneity can land you a fantastic trip to the mountains at a fraction of the cost. Watch for our specials online!

Do cell phones work at the house(s)?

Cell phone service varies greatly, depending upon one's carrier however reception is typically poor at SierraScape and non-existent at Vineyard View. There is a landline w/answering machine at both homes and any long-distance calling can be easily done with the use of a standard calling card. Remember, Wi-Fi is also available at both places.

Do cell phones work in Mariposa? Yosemite?

While service again varies with each individual carrier, service is typically very good in Mariposa and also in most of Yosemite Valley.

Just how “child friendly” are your homes and what all is available or provided?

Both of our homes are child friendly however each in a different way. Vineyard View is by far the best for multiple children, and even more so for children under age five. Please refer to the Vineyard View’s page for detailed descriptions of our child-friendly accommodations…they’re fantastic!

And now, info that applies to the general
Yosemite/Mariposa area and to both homes

Is Yosemite open year-round?

YES! Yosemite is open all year-long and remember, we’re located closest to Hwy 140, the ONLY All-Weather highway into the park. In addition, Yosemite has four marked and beautiful seasons, just refer to our season’s description below if you aren’t sure yet when to come.

When is the best time of year to visit Yosemite?

Anytime is great (with obvious exceptions) due to the convenience of the "All Weather Highway" (this is the ONLY year-round highway/entrance into Yosemite). This nearby, Hwy 140 route remains navigable all year long so your options are open, and varied.

To assist you in choosing the best time of year for your stay,
below is a brief summary of each month's typical weather and
what you can expect to be happening in the park, and surrounding area.

January and February:

Average temps run from 28 to 58 degrees, Fahrenheit. This is winter time at its finest, the crowds are non-existent now (with the exception of President's day weekend), the weather is generally brisk, and beautiful but can be somewhat unpredictable. Ice skating is available at Curry Village and cross country skiing is incredible after a heavy snowfall, Badger Pass is usually open by now for skiing, a great place for fun with the family. Remember too, the creek at SierraScape is going strong and our off-season rates are fantastic! Flip side: The days are short and the Valley is the only part of the park that's open, hiking is limited due to snow, Glacier Point and Tioga Roads are closed for the season

March and April:

Average temps run from a nighttime low of 30 to a beautiful and sunny 68 degrees F. by day. These two months are by far the most underappreciated of all, crowds are scarce and the weather varies greatly (yes, it might even snow) but much of the time, it's positively spring-like, really, really beautiful! (last-minute bookings are GREAT for taking advantage of your preferred weather as well as the occasional gaps in our availability and our discounts are easy to come by). The Days are getting longer now and the waterfalls are flowing fast and full, some wildflowers may be visible and the greenery everywhere is fantastic!


Average temps run from about 44 to 78 degrees F. This is the BEST month of all to visit Yosemite! The weather is consistently beautiful (might get a small storm), the summertime crowds have not yet arrived, everything is beautiful and blooming and the overflowing waterfalls are thrilling and dramatic. Bicycle rentals in Curry Village are now available (this is the best way to see Yosemite valley!). Weekdays are a well-kept secret in May, a great time to consider your stay. Flip side: There are none.


Average temps run anywhere from 48 to 88 degrees F. The first two weeks of June are nearly as desirable as May is, the weather is still fantastic as are the falls and the world-famous wildflowers are more spectacular than ever. Virtually all of Yosemite is now open, Tioga Pass and Glacier Point are typically opened by Memorial Day so by June, you shouldn't have to miss out on those wonders. Flip side: Minimum night stays become longer in June and our availability becomes significantly scarcer.

July and August:

HOT; Average temps run from a blessed low of 54 to the days being in the high 80's to (occasionally) the low 100's (and typically very dry). Yosemite is crowded now (drops way off after mid August though), the waterfalls are nearly dry but the high-country is open to as high as 12,000 feet, incredibly beautiful and well worth the drive. Remember though, Yosemite is still absolutely incredible!! Flip side: Our availability is gone months in advance so if you need to visit in the summer, consider booking early in order to get the dates that you desire.


Average temps are anywhere from 48 to 88 degrees F. Access is easier as the crowds will have decreased significantly following Labor Day weekend. The beginnings of fall color can be seen, lazy days on the River are easy and the beauty of Yosemite is continually changing. Weather is cooler now and our availability is a bit easier to come by.


Lovely; Average temps are now anywhere from 38 to 76 and a myriad of color is falling all around you. The crowds are gone, the trails are still open, fall foliage is fantastic and the weather is temperate and bright. It is not uncommon to have had ample snowfall in the higher elevations by now so the falls can potentially be flowing, October is also peak season for trout fishing (goes through December), especially for Brown Trout who thrive in the easily accessible, lower Merced River . October is simply Fall at its finest.


Average temps are down around 32 to 60, it's cooler now and really quite nice (although winter-like storms do sometimes occur so be prepared). November is really "late fall" in Yosemite, “winter” does not set in till much later and both the weather, and the fall foliage are usually, for the most part, still holding. This is a wonderful time to explore the valley floor, the leaves are falling and the weather is brisk and beautiful. Flip side: Tioga Road and Glacier point typically close this month and it is time once again to carry chains.


Average temps range from 24 to 48 degrees F. Winter is here, snow often blankets the valley floor but unless it's actively falling, the roads are plowed so access remains easy. There are no crowds with the exception of the week before Christmas through the first week of January (when they're still not too bad), stillness and silence envelop the valley floor, hiking is crisp, cold and fantastic. Flip side: Weather must be watched closely and trips to Yosemite planned carefully. The results can be well-worth that planning

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Can we drive into (and park in!) Yosemite?

Yes, and yes! It is a common miss-conception that A.,Yosemite "closes" due to overcrowding, B., that personal vehicles are not allowed, and C., that parking is impossible to find. Public transit into the park (YARTS) is both convenient and available however most people do utilize their own transportation when visiting the park. Access is easy and parking can be found, refer to our reference guides there at the house for how best to navigate your sightseeing once you've arrived.

What sort of TV/Satellite programming will be available during our stay?

Extensive satellite channels, including sports channels and HBO are all included in each home's programming.

Do both of your houses have wireless Internet?

Yes, free wireless internet access is available in both of our homes, instructions for usage, etc. are prominently posted.

Are there any good restaurants in Mariposa?

Absolutely! There is a great selection of various types of restaurants in Mariposa, our helpful guide at the house even explains which ones we recommend you go to, and why. Nearby Oakhurst also has some great places to eat, we include them in our list of recommendations, as well.

Where is the nearest market?

We have a very nice, full-service "town" market as well as a GREAT health food store, w/café, both right in Mariposa (see distances to town under home descriptions), it is between four, and nine miles away from each of our homes. Each house is also within two to four miles of a small, country store and there are also two large, chain markets in nearby Oakhurst.

What is there to do at or nearby the homes?

Lots, for people of ALL ages! Please see the "Home" page for a detailed description.

Can we go wine tasting nearby?

Absolutely! There are several great, award-winning wineries nearby for you to choose from, we have a helpful guide at each of the houses to assist you in navigating your tasting trail. In addition, Vineyard View is of course overlooking Butterfly Creek Winery, an exceptionally beautiful and friendly place that you can easily walk to, and from. Cheers!

What sort of wildlife are we likely to see during the course of our stay?

It is an everyday occurrence at either or both of our places to see a Myriad of native, Sierra wildlife. There is an amazing variety of birds, over 80 different types that include Bald Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Oregon Juncos, Towhees, Acorn Woodpeckers, Titmouse, Hummingbirds and an incredible number of Yellow Finches can be seen at SierraScape, feeding on the thistle socks we provide.

You’re also bound to see an abundance of Deer (lots of does with their fawns and even multiple-point bucks at certain times of the year), Silver Foxes, large flocks of Wild Turkeys, Raccoon, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Lizards, Frogs.

How well-equipped are your kitchens?

Very! For our traveling guest's convenience we have equipped both kitchens with just about every standard, convenient item imaginable, and then some.

Are the hot tubs/spas always available?

YES! The spas at both homes are easily accessible (bring your flip-flops, spa towels are provided), fastidiously kept and fully-operational, all year long (barring the rare, unforeseen technical difficulty). Using the hot tubs is always a treat and each season offers a fantastic, star-studded night sky to enjoy while you're in there. Fall through Spring of course bring the possibility of a seasonal sprinkle, rain, or even some snow, an unforgettable experience while relaxing in a hot, steaming spa!

Are there laundry facilities available at each home?

YES. There are full-size, indoor laundry facilities at both of our homes, the washer and dryer are available to all our guests, regardless of the duration of their stay. Laundry soap (unscented, earth-friendly) is also provided as is a drying rack, iron and ironing board.

Is the posted “maximum capacity” for each home what you are always able to take?

Not necessarily. Peak-Season, in particular (but all three seasons are subject to limitations) can sometimes create challenges that require us to limit the number of guests, at any one place to fewer than can be accommodated at other times of the year. We do our best to accommodate every group that we can but it is best, by far just to inquire. Please be sure to include the number of guests you are planning on (including any pets that you may want to include), the ages of any children in your group and also, a mention of any additional guests that might decide to come with you, later on. This makes it far more feasible for us to plan for our overall occupancy, alert you to any potential limitations and to better facilitate each group’s specific requirements.

Are there BBQ's?

Yes, there are clean gas grills at both homes, charcoal barbeques are not allowed.

Do you have wood-burning fireplaces and is there firewood provided?

Yes, and yes. Both homes have large, beautiful stone fireplaces, plentiful firewood is also provided. Fire season however does disallow burning and typically runs from June, through September-ish.

Are we able to see some reviews of your rental homes?

Yes, both here on our site on the “guestbook” page as well as those posted on both VacationRentals.com, and VRBO. While we DO NOT solicit them, we both welcome, and appreciate the kind comments people who have stayed with us have taken the time to post, or leave behind in our guestbook.

How long have you been running your vacation rentals?

Jerry and I began running our vacation rental business, first with SierraScape in May of 2004. It was the first of its kind in the Mariposa area and since that time, we have successfully rented to over 1200 groups between our two homes, steadily gaining invaluable experience, and knowledge pertaining to what it takes to provide top-notch, highly satisfactory lodging to our deeply valued guests. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and frequently hear that “it shows”. Thank you…

Do you reside on any of the rental properties?

NO, we do not. We do, however, live locally, within four to ten miles of both homes so conveniently, we are almost always available for helpful assistance without ever being underfoot, or intrusive. Rest assured, you can count on complete privacy when staying in any of our homes.

Can we bring our dog or other pet?

Possibly. While we are technically a “pet friendly” establishment, each pet must be previously agreed upon and there are restrictions to protect both our property, and your pet. Fees also apply, please do inquire.

Is smoking allowed?

No, and yes. Both of our homes are NON-SMOKING units!!! Smoking is never, ever allowed inside but is permitted outdoors, on patio areas only and never on the surrounding grounds due to extreme fire danger. Smoking inside the homes will result in the automatic forfeiture of the entire $250 security deposit.

Can we go whitewater river rafting nearby?

Yes! Rafting on the Merced River is very popular, and close by. For more information you can visit Zephyr Whitewater Expedition's website at http://www.zrafting.com/rivers/merced.htm. Have fun!

A Few Good Reasons to Choose Us!


It’s important...

We provide Quality, name brand Mattresses

You will NOT spend your vacation on a bad bed here!

Comfortable Sofas and Chairs throughout the entire house(s)

Plentiful, Comfortable Outdoor Furniture, as well

Children’s furniture also provided


It’s all there...

You’ll find many items not found in most vacation rentals and will need to bring along far fewer supplies

All Paper products, household soaps and supplies and even firewood are plentifully provided

Helpful notes and postings can be found throughout the house to avoid unanswered questions

Check-In and Check-Out are a Breeze with Us

No time constraints upon your arrival anytime after 4:00 pm and a leisurely 11:00 am departure

No office to report to, you’re able come directly to the houses at your convenience and enter using our convenient and secure lockboxes

Safe and Easy access!

Each home's driveway, unlike MANY in our rural mountain area, is located directly, yet well-off a quiet, paved country road, you won't be forced to navigate miles of rough, un-paved, muddy/dusty, or rutted dirt roads to reach these gorgeous getaways. Whew!


These are NOT your Tacky, “run-of-the-mill rentals” in poor, overcrowded locations

Family Owned and Managed, no management company to deal with

Both are Distinctive and Unique Homes

Exceptional, Private Locations and incredible Views

Tasteful, Well Done Furnishings and Décor

Tactful and Luxurious Bedding

High-End, well-kept Spas

Peace and Quiet


We Care...

Fresh, perfume-free Bed Linens, Blankets, and Towels…

Non-Toxic, Earth Friendly laundry, dish, and hand soaps used and provided

Cabins are thoroughly, and professionally cleaned between each and every guest's stay

NO synthetically scented products used

Recycling encouraged w/bins provided

Water and Energy conservative environment


We have your convenience in mind

We provide guests with our "favorites" lists

We’ll recommend some of the best places for eating, shopping, swimming, fishing and hiking as well as suggestions for the FUN yet lesser known about things to do.



While many of the other vacation homes in and around Yosemite “allow” children, we go way beyond that by providing actual playgrounds, tree swings, ride-on play toys, Ping-Pong, Foosball, sleds for the snow, a fenced yard at Vineyard View (great for toddlers!) and a houseful of children’s books, toys, board games and films. A variety of children’s furniture can also be found throughout the homes including a desk, small chairs, tables, a crib, Porta-Crib, and highchair. We know personally what it’s like to travel with young children and value the need for them to have something desirable to do, too.

At our vacation rentals, everyone is happy.

We will go out of our way to make your stay as relaxing, comfortable, and convenient as possible, just read some of our guest’s comments and see why you’ll be extremely glad you chose one of SierraScape’s vacation homes for your travel accommodations.

We appreciate your interest and have proudly earned our slogan…

“We do Vacation Rentals Right!”

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